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electrocat6's Journal
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Below are the 5 most recent journal entries recorded in electrocat6's LiveJournal:

Saturday, June 7th, 2008
7:19 pm
I think it is really weird that, when I voluntarily post naked photos or link to an erotic site, people tend to be really nice. Only, when I post pics from BlueBlood.net -- which is entirely non-nude and has thousands of free fully-clothed photos and interesting articles and active community forums -- then there are people who complain about how they don't want to see "porn" or something like that. If I actually post tits and ass linking to a pay site in a promotional way, everybody loves it, but, if I post a nice portrait linking to a free site in a non-promotional way, there are little yippy poodles who come out all nasty. I may never understand people. WTF?
Wednesday, April 9th, 2008
4:59 pm
Today has been dealing with some very weirdly angry people. Some people are so uptight it is like they sit around all day waiting for something to be a jerk about. It is a beautiful day and I'm just going to ride my bike and visit friends for the rest of it.

Blue Blood
(Image Courtesy of Blue Blood)
Monday, February 11th, 2008
1:08 pm
Happy Spooky Valentines Day and Lupercalia
Forrest Black and Amelia G shot this series of a professional piercer, the lovely purple-tressed Natalie Addams, cutting out her own heart, gift-boxing it, and sewing up the "wound" with quite genuine play piercings. The series will post in its entirety to BlueBlood.com (nsfw) on Valentines Day. A nonnude mini gallery of shots from the series posted to BlueBlood.net today to illustrate an article Amelia G wrote about the origins of Valentines Day and Lupercalia. In amongst the fascinating holiday factoids she unearthed are her views on the inalienable right to love and be loved, no matter how much you think for yourself, own your sexuality, and dress flamboyantly.

Blue Blood
(Image Courtesy of Blue Blood)
Friday, March 17th, 2006
11:43 pm
Happy Green Beer Day from Blue Blood!

Happy Green Beer Day from Blue Blood!

PS Blue Blood MySpace profile with more pretty pictures on it.
Saturday, January 7th, 2006
12:20 am
Housesitting would be boring, except I can do promo work for the brand new BlueBlood.com and the Blue Blood Boutique and that is pretty fun. Most people so far seem really nice and as excited as I am about their favorite magazine coming to the web full force.

After the old big media blitzes with Amelia and Forrest and male and female models on FOX and HBO and that, I think some of the people I've told didn't even know that Blue Blood was still creating good things and making it happen. Just because there used to be so much big big press coverage and now it is mostly hip magazines and web stuff.

The one or two people I've met who seem to hate on Blue Blood for having had the strength and persistence to conquer adversity kind of bothered me, even though I was warned there would be a couple when I took this responsibility on. It just makes me uncomfortable when someone feels a certain way for really wrong reasons because I think feelings are important, but being aware of feelings and motives is important in self-managing them. I wish the people who are so obsessed with "twat" would get that, but whatever.
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